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The meaning behind "Lawrence & Argyle."

What does “Lawrence & Argyle” actually mean? The answer will tell you a bit more about us. This naming was deliberate, and it’s central to our identity.

Lawrence & Argyle is based in the Chicago neighborhood of Uptown, which is recognized for its ethnic diversity. Despite being known to some as “new Chinatown” due to it’s high Vietnamese population (yeah, I know) it’s actually a lot more than that. This is the proud home of immigrants from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and if you take a walk down one of our sidewalks you’ll hear languages from all of these regions. Uptown is also very LGBTQ-friendly. At the risk of sounding cliche, I truly feel like there’s a place for everyone here.

Lawrence Avenue and Argyle Street are two of the main East-West streets in Uptown. (They don’t intersect.) To get a little personal, Uptown is where I live, and it’s here where I really feel at home in Chicago.  I gave my company this name because Uptown represents the best of America - welcoming to anyone who wants make a home here.

Uptown strives to be equitable. Compared to the rest of Chicago, it has a high number of affordable housing units, and an astounding 98 social service organizations. I love what this neighborhood gives to its people.

It’s the home of wonderful institutions such as the Haitian-American Museum of Chicago, Asian-Americans Advancing Justice - Chicago and Voice of the People in Uptown. That’s just a select few! 

No, it’s not perfect here. Some longtime residents say that Uptown isn’t what it used to be because it’s starting to gentrify and has lost some of its unique flavor. I see signs of that myself. But I love it all the same. This is home.

I hope that this gives you a better understanding of what Lawrence & Argyle stands for! Like the American population overall, most of Uptown’s residents came from immigrants. We strive to reflect the love for our heritage in everything we do. #ImmigrantLove

Thanks for reading.


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