*GOING OUT OF BUSINESS on 12/31/20.* We're open and shipping safely! Free U.S. shipping; may be slightly delayed by USPS.
*GOING OUT OF BUSINESS on 12/31/20.* We're open and shipping safely! Free U.S. shipping; may be slightly delayed by USPS.
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Birthday greetings, a personal note, new partner and events!


Happy Birthday to L&A! I can’t believe we’re celebrating our first birthday already. Thank you for all your support!

This past year couldn’t have happened without the friends and family members that pitched in wherever I asked, the community members and partners that helped spread the word, and definitely my customers!!

If you bought anything from L&A, you’re the reason we’re able to make that 50% donation! In one year, we’ve given over $2,000 to four incredible organizations. You guys are wonderful. Keep standing in solidarity with immigrants!

In our new year, I’m looking to scale up to make Lawrence & Argyle bigger and better. The greater our reach, the more we can celebrate community and the more we can donate! I also have some new products and collections in the pipeline, so stay tuned.


Something Personal:

One of my most-asked questions is: why did you start this company? The honest answer is that I’ve always wanted to be a business owner. My mother and her mother were entrepreneurs, so it’s something I was born into! #vietnamesebossladies

Before I started L&A, I had a couple of business attempts that petered out quickly. They failed because I didn’t feel any connection to those projects. Lawrence & Argyle, however, has been successful because it’s centered around something larger than me, that I’ve always cared about: being part of an immigrant family.

 As children of immigrants, I’ve always felt that my peers and I are marked by a very special experience: a confusing, often conflicting upbringing by parents who were doing their best in an unfamiliar place.

Your family probably had that struggle at some point in your lineage, or maybe you’re experiencing it today. It’s important to remember how much we have in common with each other.


Partner news:

As of July 1, your purchase benefits an organization new to us. But first I’d like to give a shout out to Soft Landing Missoula, our nonprofit partner for April-June. If you bought anything from Lawrence & Argyle during that time, 50% of our profit from your purchase was donated to them! They’re one of the nicest orgs I’ve had the pleasure of working with! Soft Landing was started by a small but dedicated team of people who wanted to create a welcoming community in Missoula for refugees. We’re grateful for the work they do for new Americans!

 From July 1 to September 30, our partner organization is The Anhelo Project. This Chicago-based organization is amazing – they give college scholarships to undocumented students in Illinois!! It is truly an honor to support this mission. We’ll give them 50% of the profit from all your purchases during this time. Learn more about The Anhelo Project at http://www.theanheloproject.org/.



If you’re in the Chicago area, come visit our table at EdgeFest! It’s the first weekend in August and it’ll be really cute this year because you can meet the candidates for Edgewater’s Pet Mayor. The winner will be inaugurated on Sunday, and the new mayor will kick off the Pet Parade (??!!!). There’s also drag queen bingo and the North Side’s largest musical chairs competition. And l will have pins, shirts and (probably) hoodies for your perusal!

 Have a happy and blessed summer.


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