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Chinese American Service League - our partner this quarter

Lawrence & Argyle donates 50% of its profit to organizations that help immigrants and refugees. Read more to learn how your purchase helps our current beneficiary organization.

The obstacle to a dream

Behind every immigrant is the story of a person or family who leaves their entire life behind in the hopes that the future holds something better. Every story is unique, but many immigrants are seeking to achieve common goals: access to education, the search for more opportunity, or simply having the freedom to live as one pleases.

Few people are aware of how difficult it is to become an American citizen. If you’ve been through this process, you know that each of these steps requires painstaking legal forms and supporting documentation. For most people, the procedure takes years and is difficult to navigate. Because of these difficulties, immigrants often turn to social service organizations to assist them with the process.

Administrative office of the Chinese American Service League, Chicago, IL

This quarter, Lawrence & Argyle is proud to partner with the immigration services department of the Chinese American Service League (CASL), which provides aid to immigrants regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, and backgrounds.  For 40 years, CASL has helped immigrants living in the both the Chicago area and the Midwest become U.S. citizens by assisting them through the application, education, naturalization and family reunification processes.

One family’s story

Mr. Chen started out as a single client when he came to CASL for help with his application for naturalization. CASL helped him fill out his immigration application, page by page, and assisted him through six months of case follow-up. In 2013, he became a naturalized U.S. citizen.

The following year, CASL assisted Mr. Chen’s wife, who had come to the United States as a citizen and had overstayed her visa. The couple had tried utilizing the services of a lawyer but found the legal fees to be beyond their reach, so they returned to CASL.

One of the lions guarding CASL's main entrance

CASL’s in-house professional immigration staff assisted Mrs. Chen each step of the way by

  • Collecting information
  • Preparing documents
  • Filling out the relevant forms
  • Submitting the application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

With CASL’s help, Mrs. Chen was able to pass her Change of Status interview at USCIS! A few years later, the Chinese American Service League was able to help her once again in her path to become a citizen, by preparing all of the necessary documentation and forms to petition to remove the “conditions” on her residency. As a result of CASL’s help, she successfully became a permanent resident in 2017.

Shortly after becoming a permanent resident, CASL’s staff helped her pass her naturalization interview. She took her oath at USCIS, finally achieving her dream of becoming a United States citizen. Mr. and Mrs. Chen recently bought a home and live there with their two children. Their next step is to apply for family reunification for Mrs. Chen’s parents, and they’ll be relying on CASL’s help for this as well.

How your purchase helps

The process involved in becoming a citizen puts a heavy burden on those seeking a better life in the U.S. But organizations such as the Chinese American Service League have an important role in this process and ease the burden for many immigrants.

Lawrence & Argyle will donate 50% of its profits to the Chinese American Service League in support of the immigration services it provides to the community. When you buy shirts between now and September 30, your purchase will go toward helping people like the Chens. Your support not only helps them navigate the arduous path to becoming citizens, but you help them fulfill their dreams of pursuing a better life.

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